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History of the Pão de Queijo

First the Portuguese encountered the natives. Pero Vaz Caminha, the chief scribe of the first Portuguese fleet that docked in the lands of Brazil in 1500 mentioned that the natives did not cultivate or raise animals, nor were there any oxen or cows, goats, sheep or chickens or any other animal which were accustomed to man’s way of life. Instead he…

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Brazilian dessert: Passion Fruit Mousse

Brazilian desserts are famous for being rather sweet. Brazilians love anything made with condensed milk. I am no exception. Add  the tartness of passion fruit and you have one of the country’s favorite desserts. It is served at dinner parties and appears on restaurant menus across the country. There are a number of Brazilian desserts that use…

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Valentine’s Day Treats

Brazilians like to eat pomegranates for New Year’s celebrations to ensure good luck in the coming year. Pomegranates are considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity, abundance and generosity. We think they are perfect for Valentine’s Day, as well. Bake your Pão de Queijo; and let them cool. Mix fromage blanc with chopped rosemary, lemon zest,…

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