LegendThe Legend of Mãní


Mãní takes its name from an ancient Tupi Indian legend. It tells the story of Mãní, a beautiful princess who lived deep in the Amazon rainforest, whose skin was as white as the moon and eyes as dark as the night.

She was the grand-daughter of a Brazilian Indian chief. Her beauty was much admired, as was the peace and serenity she inspired. Tragically, the baby princess passed away very young and was buried in her fathers “oca” (tupy guarani for “house” or “tent”). The tribe mourned her death. Every day, members would water her grave until one day a remarkable plant sprouted. When they peeled the root, they discovered it had the same white skin tone of the baby princess. When they cooked it, they found it tasted delicious and even renewed their strength. The plant became their main source of nourishment. Mání was forever cherished and immortalized as the white root of the manioc plant was named for her.

Manioc spread throughout the Americas and sustained native peoples of the region for generations. Today, more than 600 million people around the world eat foods made from manioc starch. The manioc root contains no gluten and is rich in potassium.

Our gourmet snack uses the pure flour of this plant as its primary ingredient. As such, we decided to name our brand after Mãní. We are proud to have her child-like beauty represent our image and standard in the marketplace.