Our first batches of our Jalapeño Pão de Queijo were a little on the hot side.

We have since tweaked the recipe to make it milder.

It was back then, to cool the heat, that my brother Harald suggested to pair the Jalapeño Pão de Queijo with regular guacamole. It was an instant hit!

When I am in a hurry I use store bought guacamole like Wholy Guacamole or Casa Chicas.

When I want something more special I follow these easy instructions by Food 52 for how to make guacamole without a recipe. “The guac of your dreams is just around the corner” YUM!

Pão de queijo and guacamole

Let your baked pão de queijo cool down before cutting them open with a serrated knife.

If you want it hot, just add spicy guac!

Bom apetite!