I was born with a sweet tooth.

To judge by the love of all Brazilians for sweetened condensed milk it must be genetic.

Brazil’s most traditional dessert is called Romeo & Juliette and consists of a thick slice of Minas Cheese with an equally generous slice of guava paste (Goiabada) to form the perfect sweet and salty combination. Along those lines we created a series of pairings with sweet toppings for Pão de Queijo (a.k.a Brazilian Cheese Bread). Which is your favorite?

We love to pair it with different flavored jams. The grapefruit and meyer lemon marmalade from June Taylor and her quince fruit butter are amongst our favorites. Let the cheese bread cool down before cutting the top off.


Surprise your loved ones with different presentations. Sometimes just changing the color of the plates makes for stunning visual effects. Play around, have fun with how your food looks.

Jam Mani Pão de Queijo copy

Make your own thumbprint pão de queijo or add a slice of quince paste for a Romeo & Juliette effect.

goiaba 6

Romeo & Juliette

Top with a dollop of cream cheese and your favorite berries.


Sprinkle with powdered sugar. This will be even better with our Sweet Cinnamon Baking Mix. YUM!


And last but never least, peanut butter and jelly for an all American twist. We are partial to Justin’s.


How do you satisfy your sweet tooth?

Bom apetite!