Brigadeiros are often described as a cross between a truffle and a fudge. A favorite treat at kid’s birthday parties in Brazil, the original version is made with condensed milk and chocolate.

In the 1940’s during Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes’ run for president the ladies who supported him sold the chocolate sweet at fundraisers. His campaign slogan “Vote no brigadeiro, ele é bonito e é solteiro” (Vote for the brigadier, he is good looking and single) did not get him elected but left the country with its most popular chocolate confection to date.

While the chocolate brigadeiro is the most popular many new versions and flavor profiles have popped up in gourmet stores around the country. One of our favorites is the passion fruit brigadeiro. Much like its cousin the Passion fruit mousse, it combines the tartness of the passion fruit with the sweetness of the condensed milk to a perfect blend.

You will need:


  • In a medium sauce pan combine the condensed milk, the passion fruit concentrate and the butter.
  • With the heat on low, slowly mix the ingredients till well combined.
  • While stirring constantly let the mixture heat further up till it bubbles.
  • The mixture will at first become more fluid than slowly thicken up.
  • It is done when the the mixture loosens from the bottom of the pan when you turn it (about 20 minutes in)
  • Pour onto a large plate and let it cool down.
  • Spread some butter onto your hands and roll teaspoon sized balls.
  • Roll the balls in the yellow sprinkles. You can also roll them in coarse sugar.
  • Place into mini cupcake liners.