I grew up with six brothers and learned baking skills from my mother.

As you can see it is difficult to find a picture that shows all of us. For more on our large family check here.

No, I was not the princess in case you were wondering.

My brothers were the perfect public for my baking excursions.  They ate whatever I made. It was good practice with a captive audience. I started with children’s size baking pans but soon graduated to be able to feed everybody.

One of them loved to eat raw cake dough and bribed me to make double batches. Can you guess who?

The picky one is now a gourmet cook and a famous art curator. Back then he only ate egg whites and french fries.

The one  still in my mother’s belly loves German hazelnut cake to this day. Our mother was German so I learned a lot of German recipes. I practiced reading with Dr.Oetkers’s baking cook book.

We are quite an eclectic bunch, and that is not an exaggeration, but what we all have in common is a sweet tooth and a love for Pão de Queijo, which is to this day also our father’s favorite.

Do you have siblings? How have they influenced your life?